StarGril Released online.

After the long wait she is finally her for everyone to enjoy. StarGirl has been released on our Vimeo page link below.

Pixie out…..

Principal photography completed for StarGirl

After working hard for many months planning the shoot our amazing cast helped bring the StarGirl script to life in a crazy few days down on the farm. 

The fantastic Cristiona Aston stepped into the role of StarGirl brilliantly. Alongside her the excellent Andrew Price brought an incredible authenticity to the part of farmer Stan.

In the supporting roles Cara Chase played Stan's neighbour Liz whilst Pixie Films regular Robert Whitelock and Joe Dempsie played our Meteor Hunters. They did an amazing job bringing their characters to life. 

We were really fortunate to assemble such a fantastic cast that were so creative, professional and fun to work with. The quality of their work made the film bigger and better than we could have ever hoped and we're really excited by what they created.

Pixie out......

Successful Crowdfunding campaign for StarGirl

Pixie Films are delighted to announce that the crowd funding campaign for StarGirl has been a great success. We achieved our aim of raising enough funds to shoot StarGirl, this will happen in early March 2015. So that is truly amazing thank you everyone who contributed, shared or retweeted.  

Below are the 'fabulous 55' contributors to StarGirl. Who have enabled StarGirl to happen, for which we extremely grateful. The great responsibility now lies with us to spend wisely and make a film you will all be proud of being part of.

Barry Noone, James Yatesie, Christian Bew, Chrissie Poulton, Brian Gillen, Gavin Rampling, Andy Kenyon, Anushka Wimalasena, Lucy Wells, Emma Everid, Paul Garside, Rosanna Acroom, Tony Pitcher, Oliver Golden, Lee Morris, Faye Bowen, Michael Haydon, Michelle Farquharson, David Crimble, Guy Cubitt, Nomadic May, Daniel Sametz, Kristoffer Hammer, Herbert Eder, Melanie & Richard Collis, Tim Neal, Wander Koldewijn, Matthew Addis, Silvia Middleton, Warren Lever, Bill Rudgard, Katy Price, Robert Price, James Hehir, Benedikt Heck, Christine Shakespeare, Charlotte Pearson, Charles Fenought, Brian Gillen, Kate Potasova, Vanessa & David Hamilton, Adam Young, Anna Rawles, Lucy Reynolds, David Randall, Jesse Poulton, Mark Wickham, Alfred Thumser & 7 Anonymous (you know who you are).

Thanks again everyone, have a great Christmas & we'll see you in the new year.

Pixie out.....